I'm Meghana!

I'm an artist, being able to express creativity in many different mediums. Over my study & career, I've honed my logic skill and applied it to my creativity - producing better design. I have particular interest in affective computing, and human centric design.

Storytelling forms such as film and new media often inspire me. I find drawing motifs and techniques from them help in presenting a cohesive design story.

And the story goes...

I've moved school 7 times, learnt over 6 languages, and lived in 5 cities. Apart from artistic expression, I am in a constant pursuit of knowledge and love to broaden my perspectives. Naturally, I find myself drawn to learning languages, travel, history, film & mythology. I find that these experiences influence my design thinking, often leading me to creative problem solving.

You can read more about the inspiration & ideation behind my personal branding here.

Awards & Recognition

Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze Award

I earned a Bronze award in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme in 2010, in tandem with my ICE (Basic GCSE's with Environmental Management). I also participated in a 10 day trek in Dalhousie with the senior class.

Next Billion Design Hackathon - 3rd Place

Won third place at a company wide hackathon at Microsoft during my internship in 2017. The hackathon centered around proposing a solution that incorporated the next billion users of the Indian Digital stack.

Departmental Award for Excellence - UXD

I was nominated by my faculty to receive the Departmental Award for Excellence - UX Department. This award was presented to me at my graduation ceremony on March 2017.

A Team Award - Mindtree

A Team Awards were awarded to recognise exceptional contribution to a project. During my tenure at Mindtree I earned this award on 4 separate occasions for my work in delivering output that earned praise from the clients I worked with.

Wait, did you think that was it?

When I'm not out there explaining to relatives what I do for a living, I keep myself busy picking up an unacceptable number of personality traits.

When asked what they'd put on a cake personalised for me, a close friend simply declared; "You have too many things to put on one cake." I have never felt so seen or offended in my entire life.

Genetic disposition to love the 'Asterix' series, passed down from my Dad. Considering menhir delivery as an alternate career choice if this UX thing doesn't work out.

1298 hours on Sims 4 much to the chagrin of friends and family. I mean that's like a month of my life or something. Nowhere near enough.

'Arrival' by Dennis Villenueve is my all time favourite movie. I love how the relationship between science fiction, art, and linguistics is explored in this film.

The ultimate vibe is Jamiroquai's 'Cosmic Girl'. The purple 1996 Lambo Diablo and a sunset. That's all.