Bru Coffee

Bru Coffee customers (Existing & Potential)
1 week
I was responsible for all the photography and editing for this campaign. I also designed the updated advertisement campaign to reflect a sample of the aesthetic we were aiming to convey.
Design Objective
In collaboration with Anjhana Rajmohan, I shot and designed collateral for a re-brand campaign. The imagined re-brand was for Bru Coffee.
Bru is primarily for an Indian audience. Typically Bru has targeted multi-customer households.
We chose to target a wider customer base, possibly, but not limited to a single household. It targets the individual customer at an emotional level. Although they have branched off to explore other avenues, none directly to this demographic.
Bru has traditionally appealed to a familial audience. They focus on driving home that this is the social lubricant of choice in Indian society. However, with a new generation of customers, conversations, and ideas have shifted.
We chose to highlight contemplative solitude as the core of this campaign. We chose to focus on the idea that the most important relationship is with yourself. This juxtaposed with a relaxed representation of having a cup of coffee.
Bru's branding palette is very earthy, containing deep green tones, gold, and a rich brown. I included two additional colors to the palette to reinforce the added message of contemplative solitude. In addition, I picked a combination of contemporary sans serif fonts to update the aesthetic of the branding. This palette, as displayed below, influenced the mise en scene and further branding.
Design Language for the Bru Coffee campaign
Design Language for the Bru Coffee campaign
In order to convey solitude, reflection, and relaxation, the mise en scene was meticulous. We wanted to stay faithful to Bru's traditional motifs, while speckling in some contemporary elements.
We paid special attention to styling, making sure it represented the palette. Both the patterns on the top and the cup contain traditional motifs. These help customers make the mental recall to established branding.

The idea was to have a lush but dreamy background. The obvious choice was to have foliage that reflected the jewel green tones of Bru's own branding. This was the perfect backing for the silhouetted model in the foreground. We hoped to show a contemplative mood while still projecting a calm and relaxing aftertaste.
Main version of the final campaign
Main version of the final campaign
The design is minimal and focused only on the mood of the model and the bold tagline. 'Discover You. Discover Bru.' Not only is it short and memorable, but the use of repetition and rhyme is also likely to help with better recall.
The copy had to reflect the intended message in a sharp but minimal way. The copy is center-aligned to further iterate the 'centering in solitude' message. Additionally, it didn't seem prudent for the new message to include any more than Bru's standard tagline as a subtitle.
Alternate version of the final campaign
Alternate version of the final campaign